Tell the Swedish government to stop protecting former ISIS fighters while sending Christians like Aideen back into danger.

The Story

  • Aideen Strandsson, an Iranian Christian, is facing deportation after seeking asylum in Sweden. Aideen has been very public about her new faith in Christ, which means she faces prison, rape, and death if returned to the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
  • Even though Sweden's migration board says that it will never deport asylum seekers to nations where they face danger, and doing so is a violation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees, the migration board rejected Aideen's request for asylum and turned it over to border police for deportation.
  • At the same time that Aideen and other Christians are facing deportation, the Swedish government has given protected identities to 150 former ISIS fighters who have returned to Sweden so that they can find jobs.
  • Will you stand with persecuted Christians and sign your name to petition the Swedish government to reconsider Aideen's case? 

The Woman

Aideen Strandsson, an Iranian actress, rejected her Muslim faith after seeing a video of Muslims brutally stoning a woman to death. She then had a life-changing dream about Jesus. "I had a dream about Jesus, and I remember He was sitting near me and He took my hand," she said.

In Iran, where it can be deadly to convert to Christianity, Aideen kept her conversion largely a secret. But when she came to Sweden, she requested a public baptism. She said, "I wanted to be baptized in public because I wanted say 'I am free,' 'I am a Christian,' and I wanted everyone to know about that." Iranian intelligence most likely knows now, too. She's already gotten threats from Muslims on social media. 

"I think about that dream I had in Iran, about Jesus, and I still think, He is watching me…He will help me." 

With your signatures, we will let the Swedish Embassy know that they must stop protecting ISIS fighters while refusing asylum to Christians. Help us hold the Sweden accountable and save Aideen.


When you sign this petition you are joining thousands of others who are praying for persecuted Christians around the world. When we pray, God moves. #PrayforAideen

  • Help Aideen get the asylum and safety she needs by petitioning the Swedish Embassy to reconsider her case.
  • Stand with persecuted believers around the world. 
  • Be a voice for the voiceless.
  • Pray for God to protect Aideen, and other persecuted Christians, and give them strength, peace, and wisdom.